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Bookkeeping is a crucial part of running a business that deals with important and even sensitive data. It helps a business owner have a clear picture of the company’s financial status. Being an important part of efficient accounting, proper bookkeeping prevents any cash flow problems that could, at worst, run any company to the ground. 

We, at Bookkeeping Arden-Arcade, CA, make it our mission to help any business from getting caught in a bookkeeping fiasco. We have carefully laid out and, through the years, have perfected an efficient bookkeeping system that not only saves time but also helps our clients make solid plans and wise decisions for their business. 

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping solutions that give our clients the time and freedom to focus the resources that they’d otherwise provide to their bookkeeping on other essential aspects of their business. We cover customer invoicing and collections. We could also do bank reconciliations as well as credit card management. We could manage your cash account, your account receivables, account payables, and everything in between. Of course, we could also competently manage your payroll services.



Bookkeeping Payroll Services Business Essentials 

Here, at Bookkeeping Arden-Arcade, CA, we believe in high quality and efficient work, and that is precisely what we offer our valued clients. We guarantee efficient and effective management of your whole payroll services. 

Keeping careful track of your payroll expenses is essential since it’s one of any business’ biggest expenses. It is extremely crucial to keep your payroll records accurate and up to date in order to avoid problems regarding tax or other government reporting requirements. 

Some business owners make the big mistake of thinking that payroll is merely paying your employees. It involves more than that, and it is definitely a great responsibility which, once overlooked could lead to even bigger problems. This is where we could help your business. Our virtual bookkeepers could efficiently do a part or even your entire payroll processing. The payroll services business essential that we could cover for you include: 

1.Keeping Time Sheets 

We could keep a careful record of every employee’s timesheets. You could pass on the raw data regarding your employees’ recorded work hours, and we could take it from there. We could do the calculation or summary of work hours from which we could base the next steps in managing your payroll services. 

You could, of course, have access to the final output anytime you need it, or we could arrange a schedule for presenting such details to you. It could be before the actual paying of wages or presented with other data after payday. 

2.Wage Calculations 

Accurate calculation of every employee’s wage is crucial not only for legal reasons. It is as well essential in keeping a smooth relationship with your employees. You would want to be always fair to your employees, give them their due and we could certainly help you. 

From our carefully kept timesheet records, we could do the wage calculation; do the entire math so to speak, for you. We would not only cover the actual amount you owe each employee but all other deductions and reimbursements that apply. 

3.Creating Pay Checks 

After getting the numbers right, we could also do the actual creation of each employee paycheck. We guarantee the accurate and timely accomplishment of this aspect. 

4.Direct Deposits 

A lot of businesses prefer to directly deposit their employees’ wages into either their personal or payroll accounts for various reasons. As your trusted, efficient bookkeeper, we could manage any bank transactions that pertain to this, such as the actual depositing of the money as well as keeping a careful record of every transaction. 

5.Tax Payments 

We also competently manage tax payments and ensure that no problem would arise regarding this subject. We make accurate calculations of the exact amount of taxes taken out of every paycheck. We then have a highly organized system of processing tax payments, whether it is to federal, state or local governments. You can rest assured that all tax payments are made in an accurate and timely fashion. 

6.Keeping and Providing Records 

As conscientious bookkeepers should, we will keep a streamlined payroll record for every employee. You could choose to present it to your employees on physical record books or an online portal. We could definitely help you with both. Any or all payroll records that you or your employees would need or want, we ensure to provide for you. 

These are the payroll services we could provide for your business. You could choose to delegate some of the tasks to us, or you could choose to outsource the whole process to us. Either way, we ensure efficient and streamlined payroll services records for you as well as competent and timely completion of each step.



Why outsource to Bookkeeping Arden-Arcade, CA? 

Bookkeeping Arden-Arcade, CA conducts business on the principles of efficiency, competency and honesty. We have devoted years in learning and perfecting our business processes and practices to ensure an excellent output with each task we do. 

We also have highly-trained and skilled bookkeepers that we carefully screened and diligently continue to train so that every business we handle is guaranteed to have only the best bookkeeper that their business deserves. We offer only the highest quality virtual bookkeeping services and provide the expertise that your business needs at a very reasonable cost. 

While many business owners view bookkeeping as a dreaded chore, it remains a fact that it is an essential part of any business. Payroll management, in particular, is seen as a time-consuming task that may have different steps, every one of which needs careful attention; nevertheless, payroll does play a crucial role in the internal operations of a business. 

Efficient payroll management saves you from facing any legal actions; payroll, after all, deals with taxes and laws from the federal down to the local government level. Doing all payroll services, the right way and on time also helps boost employee morale and goes a long way towards building a great employer-employee relationship. 

If you want efficient, high-quality payroll services done by qualified and competent bookkeepers, outsource all your bookkeeping and payroll services needs to Bookkeeping Arden-Arcade, CA. Get in touch with us now and let’s start talking about what your business needs so we could start providing them for you.